Friday, June 15, 2012

Toe Foo

I'm having trouble with toe puns.  Thalia obviously disapproves.

I was going to call the post "Major Surgery" except (a) it's pretty minor and (b) you might think I had something done to my major. :)

You all might have noticed that, if I can't be all Meg, I don't go out.  I have some readers and other friends who will go out partially dressed, or sans makeup or wig ~ that's not for me.  My goal is for people to look at me and (at least at first glance) see a woman.
Whether I succeed or not is a minor concern.  But I make my best effort every time.

And I like to dress up, not down.  I know I can wear jeans and a shell, but I can do that anytime.  I want to wear clothes and accessories I can't wear normally.  I could wear my everyday necklace, but I don't.

So when I realised I couldn't wear any of my girl shoes because of my unhappy toe, I skipped a once-every-four-years event.

My normal male footwear is women's New Balance sneakers.  I could have gone with maybe a long skirt and low socks and those shoes, but that's not Meg.

As I mentioned, I think Thalia did not want Meg to attend.
About that unhappy toe: last summer the foot doctor saw that one side of my big toe (the port side of the starboard foot) was ingrown.  He removed that third or so of the nail and assured me it would grow back together and I'd live happily ever after, although there was a chance the two parts would go their own separate ways.  That didn't exactly happen.
It seemed the part that's growing back is kind of still under the skin, making a hard lump.  And part of it is growing straight up, like a tooth that's growing into a tusk.  It has become painful and it has limited what I can wear.  So back to the foot doctor.
He instantly decided it was infected and gave me top of the line antibiotics and decided he'd have to go back in and "clean it up."
That was Wednesday.  Today is Friday. It is "all cleaned up" and I reluctantly took Percosets.  It hurt quite a bit.

And Meg will be cooling her heels (so to speak) for two weeks.


  1. Seriously.... toe foo... I'm lol~ing :)

  2. I hope it really is all cleaned up this time. Hope the Percosets helped, too.

    Feel better soon, Meg.

  3. Linda, the Percoset killed the pain for a bit, but I felt like I had the flu ~ sweaty, chills, upset tummy.... I took one and put the rest aside.

    And thank you, Linda.


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