Thursday, June 7, 2012

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

Well, it will be in eighteen years.  Today, the blog is two years and almost 800 posts old.  Wow.

Nearly 150 of you have honoured my by clicking on that join button, many of you have e-mailed me, and learned the hard way that I don't always answer e-mail quickly.  I'm sorry for that.

About 1700 comments have been received and published.  Just recently, I got my first spam (a link to a shemale porn site).  I consider that more a sign of success than a problem: someone's noticing me.  And there have been zero trolls, haters, or other problem children.  I appreciate that.  I know there are some nuts out there; I don't mind if they keep away from here.

I met more t-girls in the past two years than I have in my lifetime.  I've had more opportunities to go out in the past two years than in the previous way-too-many.  I hope to meet more readers and have more interesting outings to share in the coming year. The blog has made me realise what's been missing from my life: friends. 

In the last few months, life has treated me to some turmoil, and I think my writing has suffered.  My muse seems to do a lot more than just guide my writing and I think she's been busy with all that's been going on and has ignored my bloglife.  That's OK.

Here's wishing you the bluest sky,
And hoping something better comes tomorrow.
Hoping all the verses rhyme,
And the very best of choruses to
Follow all the doubt and sadness.
I know that better things are on the way.

I know you've got a lot of good things happening up ahead.

The past is gone it's all been said.
So here's to what the future brings,
I know tomorrow you'll find better things. 

Right now, for me, the skies are blue, and I hope for better things for every one of you.

(Therapy post will appear tomorrow)


  1. Congratulations! Your blog was a big influence on getting me started writing my own blog.

    I know from what little I've managed that it's not as easy as it looks.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Meg
    We are friends that have not met in person yet. But friends all the same

  3. That's pretty awesome ~ I bet you always wanted to be one of the popular girls, well now you are

  4. Happy blogversary! Here's to many more!!!

  5. Congratulations on this milestone Meg. Keep up the good work. You have been quite an inspiration to me and undoubtedly many others as well.

  6. You write well and are a great person and no day would be complete without my trying to get on line just for a minute to check out your most recent posts.
    Mazel tov.

  7. Meg - Congrats on your journey and fun!
    hug, Sara


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