Saturday, June 23, 2012

And I Call Them "Civilians"

Housekeeping: tomorrow, I may have a Sunday funny, or I may have a real post because so much is going on here, or I may not have time to post anything at all.  Please stay tuned, ladies.

I irregularly label cartoons.  I'm pretty bad about keeping my collection under control, but I do try to label cartoons I can use here.  Generally, I'll name the file something like "luann1-cd" if it has a cryptic name.  The -cd tag is for the obvious.  I also have -cdish tagged onto the end of some cartoons.  They might fit a cd fantasy genre, or they might be fashion related, or have a suggestion of crossdressing.  So the cartoon with the dad saying to the little girl "how about I let you do my nails if we throw around a football later?" would go in the -cdish category.  Two women talking about a dress might get into the -cdish category.

I saw this cartoon the other day, and Sharon Rose was nice enough to send it to me as well.  I wasn't sure I'd call it "-cdish" until she sent it.  I figure, if we were both thinking that way....

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