Friday, May 25, 2012

You're Invited (Results)

In my most recent poll, I asked if you'd like to participate in a wedding.

I would, and surprisingly, I fit in with the majority (well, the largest plurality if you want to get technical).

Out of 86 respondents, only 4 said they'd skip the wedding if they were invited in any capacity.

About a quarter of you would be a guest at a wedding.  I'd do that, and since I have more girl friends than Really Close girl friends, that's realistically the best I can hope for.

Almost a half would accept the honour of being a bridesmaid, and I think I would as well.  As a bridesmaid, you have support: other bridesmaids.  You have a group of women in the same situation as you, and probably some who have done this before.  And that's the problem with being the maid of homour.

About one-in-five would accept a request to be maid of honour.  I wouldn't, mostly because I'd start be being completely lost and probably finish by screwing everything up.  There will still be support, but not direct support.  I'd be way too afraid of forgetting something vital.

I also asked about your escort.  Although only four said "not interested" to being at the wedding, an additional two said they're not interested in response to this question.  Another four didn't answer.  I'm guessing they responded this way to say "I will NOT be bringing an escort!"

I tossed in a female escort dressed as a male, but in a regular wedding I think that would be seen as the "freak" couple, not as a male who likes to experience the softer side of life.  Only four of you chose this option.  A bit over a quarter wanted to being a male escort.  That's not my choice, but if I was told I could attend (or be a bridesmaid) only if I brought a male escort, or if a male friend invited me as his (female) guest, I would do it, no doubt.

But almost sixty percent said they'd go as a female couple.  My first choice as well.  I don't think there's anything extremely unusual about a female couple.  There are enough boyfriends/husbands who just don't want to go to a wedding that the female partner would bring a friend.  Add in the always-female-couples and I don't think two women attending will stand out.  Two men would look a little suspect, but, of course, it shouldn't.

Look for the next poll next week some time.  I'm still trying to figure out work and my work schedule right now.

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