Friday, May 4, 2012

Opportunity Lost

First, please go back to Friday's post and then take the poll to the right.  Today is the last day of the poll.

Today is also my last day at my current job.

I was filling out required forms for my next job.  The first form (there are over a dozen) was Personal Information.  The first item was Prefix.  It's not mandatory and showing in the pull down list was Select....

I pulled down the list to see:

I thought about it way too long and eventually left it unfilled.  Seriously, it's just a way I like to be addressed.  It's not legally binding or part of my name or anything.  If a married woman can choose Ms or Mrs, and a PhD can choose Dr or another title, why can't I choose Miss?  I mean, other than the obvious fact that I'm married.  For the record, United Airlines lists me as Dr.  Just because I felt like checking that box.  The local public radio station mail comes to Ms {my male name}.

Further down the list was the EEO form, which wants to know my gender (male or female) and ethnicity.  I left that blank as well, although given the choice, I would identify with the female gender.  If I had freedom to dress as I choose, I would not go 24/7 but I'd either be part male/part female or all female.  Even now, some days I'm in all female clothing, although appearing male.


  1. I suppose it would be nice to be recognized as 'gender fluid'. Most of the time I am in guy mode but there are times when I am dressed and get more into a female frame of mind.

    I get some of my pantyhose by mail from '' and it arrives address to Mrs. P. (last name). I realize this could be a proper designation for my wife but it is me getting the delivery.


  2. I needed another option in the poll, I wanted to be a bridesmaid. The bride gets the groom but the bridesmaid gets the "best" man!!

    A new job? Oh lovely. Time to let bloom your real woman within, yes? Ditch the lipgloss and go with a sexy red lipstick instead, teamed with a figure hugging number and a pair of killer high heeled patent leather peep toes. That'll sure put some spark in the engineering department.

  3. I gave serious consideration to starting on a doctorate in business administration a few tears after I completed my undergraduate degree, in part to gain the non gender specific prefix of "Doctor". I didn't do it but I still think that perhaps I should. :)

  4. Anon ~ next poll! I already have the options ready.

  5. Of course there are other alternatives tat are more or less gender neutral, like Rev. or one I have often toyed with adopting St.
    Who will you be dealing with in the new job? will they care how you are dressed? I know some of the areas you have worked are renowned for attracting eccentric types, maybe you could just blend in.

  6. Wouldn't it be COOL if you could get your job experiences to follow you and apply as MEG from the very beginning? From the very first the "HR" would be looking for and at a female software engineer applicant!

  7. And doin't think I haven't thought about that!

  8. So what's stopping you? Others have tried and done it, here's your opportunity to turn dreams into reality by your actions.


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