Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Don't Get It

Menswear Chemise
But I guess I can wear these, right?  I mean without anyone looking askance, right?

The first one is listed here as a "menswear chemise."

I thought maybe it was a mistake.  I mean, I once found a Penney's ad for "men's skirts."  The others are on the Kohl's website; I first saw it in a print ad for Kohl's.

And they're all listed as unavailable.  So either that means they didn't sell and they ended up at Marshall's, or they sold out and there are a lot of men enjoying something sexy under their shirts.

Too bad they're sold out.  I don't really have a problem with wearing menswear, if they're going to add these to the repertoire.

Personally, I don't spend a lot of time in the men's clothing department, except to see what men are wearing so I can look for something similar in the misses' department.  But I really don't remember seeing a lingerie rack in the men's department.

I'll have to look.


  1. Either we are moving more quickly than I had thought to the new world set out in Stana's "As the Worm Turns" or some retailers need to improve their copy editing.

  2. Hi Meg
    I think Stana has had an influence on men's clothes, with her fashion blog.

  3. Ha! They are VERY cute!!
    Lots of sales the next few days..Kohls, Macy's... muuwah!

  4. A question that is just begging to be asked.....

    If skirts, dresses, lingerie, and such ever did become popular men's fashions, would that take the fun out of crossdressing?

  5. ... This item is for women. Jusssayin'.


    "Enhance your sleepwear collection with this women's chemise. Stripes and pleated details provide menswear-inspired charm. Pair with a women's robe for a fabulous ensemble. In purple/pink."

    Pinstripes are a "menswear inspired" thing for women in general; pinstripe pants are about the most masculine thing women wear outside of wearing men's clothing.


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