Monday, May 14, 2012

What's In A Name?

Walter?  Is That You?
I've been sitting on this for a week.  I wonder if this was intentional or not.

The woman vying for the title of Miss Universe in Canada is a transsexual named Jenna Talackova.  Her original last name was, in fact, Talackova.  She was born Walter Talako, or Talakov ~ I saw different references and I'm not sure which is right.  I'm pretty sure her birth name was not Talakova.  She said her mother suggested "Jenna" but I think someone put a lot of thought into this name.

Jenna Talackova = Genital Lack Ova.



  1. Meg, I haven't written for a while, but this post seems ... uncharacteristic of you.

    A lot of trans women who have fully transitioned really don't like linkages to their pre-transition name. Ms. Talackova has gotten enough negative publicity and crap said about her on the 'net that the last place she should be getting mockery from is someone within the trans community.

  2. I can't believe you and Donald Trump are on the same page with this name thing! I think it's a case of seeing intent and/or subtext where there is only coincidence. She has explained the Jenna, and Talakova is a normal feminization of her last name for women of the Talakov family according to the linguistic tradition of her heritage.

  3. Actually her birth name, as a male, was probably Talackov. Many Slavic families still maintain the distinction between male and female surnames. As a male, she would be "Talackov"--a son of the Talack family. Now, as a female, she will be "Talackova"--a daughter of the Talack family.


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