Friday, May 18, 2012

Another Another Shopportunity

A gg friend suggested a bra for me. She owned the same style and really liked it. It's from Cacique and I have a weakness: if someone with better fashion sense than me (read: almost everyone) suggests an item from the women's side of the aisle, I go for it. I especially like this woman's style, so I went for it. The fact that she sent me a gift card to cover the cost made it irresistible.  I ordered the bras (they had a two-for-one sale) the week before my job ended.

So one morning on my week off I went down to Lane Bryant. It seems Lane Bryant, Catherine's, Fashion Bug, and some other chains are all owned by the same parent company and you can get items drop-shipped to any of those stores. The Lane Bryant is near my old office and I was hoping it would get there before I left ~ it, of course, did not.

No matter.  I picked up the package and noticed that Lane Bryant Sells Shoes.  Lane Bryant, for those who don't know, is for more full-figured ladies.  They had shoes in 11W in almost every style they sold.  Alas, I didn't really like those styles so I didn't buy, but it was nice to  see all of those shoes in my size anyway.

I also saw a nice necklace and almost-matching bracelet.  The necklace was $30 and the bracelet cost less ~ and they had a "buy one jewelry item, get one free."  I decided at the last minute to pass though.

I looked through the nearby Dress Barn and wasn't impressed with what I saw.  On the other side of Lane Bryant was a Ross Dress for Less with more dresses than any other shop I have ever been in!  They had extremely long double racks and they placed them end-to-end with a space in between, so you could escape before getting too old, I suppose.  There were three or for rows of these racks.  One entire row (both sides) was large and 12's.  If I was more comfortable with sleeveless dresses, I could have bought twenty.  Instead I found three dresses I loved, decided I'd only buy two and agonised over which one to return to the rack.

I'm happy.  It's been a good week for clothing, and I also went through some other clothes and marked more than three dresses and two bras for the clothing swap.  I am sticking to my rule: if clothes comes in, an equal amount (at least) must go out.

I'm being a good girl.

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