Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Didn't Ask, Told Anyway

I'm not sure I ever wrote about when I went to my office dressed for Halloween (see picture, right, of Meg at "her" desk).  I was looking through the archives and I wrote "I'll write about it soon" but I'm not sure I ever did.  I also alluded to it in this post.  I showed a picture of Meg at the Rally and got some reactions from people who had seen me dressed the previous year.

So I might owe y'all a story.  I know I wrote it up ~ I just may never have transferred it from my "Megnotes" file to the blog.

Anyway, the Friday before I went to my new job I had lunch with F, who I mention at the top of the post I linked to above.  We had a nice time, eating Chinese food and not talking politics.  She had written to me a little ketchup (as a good friend calls it) note and told me her marriage of 20+ years is coming to an end.  So I had another reason to want to talk to her (other than, I like her).

At the end of the meal, as we were returning to the office I told her I wanted to share something with her.  I told her that Meg was more real than the two times she knew about.  I told her my old boss, N, knew and S at the office knew.  And I liked her and I felt I shouldn't be hiding something that's fundamentally "me" from a friend.

She took it in without comment.  I haven't had a chance to follow up with her yet to see if she's still talking to me.  I think, if we made it through the 2008 election, she still is.


  1. What great photo! You look so confident! I'm jealous!! what pretty dress!

  2. I just wish that our office had occasions like that. I hope the new job gives you similar opportunities!
    By the way, you look great in the picture.


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