Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Only On #77

A reader was kind enough to point me at a British strip called The Princess.  Navigation is a bit weird ~ it took me a while to discover that the pointing fingers were their wayback machine.  (Yes, now you know something else about me.)

I was starting to worry about Sarah ~ she wore the same dress for the first 76 strips.  Now her dad finally bought her a new one.

The "up" finger will go back to the first strip:

As I said, I'm only on strip 77 but it's about Seth, a boy who's always been saying she's a girl, a princess named Sarah.  Her father is understanding and helpful; her mother ~ not so much.  I think that's changing, after a bullying incident by a boy who really likes Sarah but is very confused about it.

It's fun, it's worth reading... at least, so far.  I've mentioned my tendency to remain in motion unless an outside force acts on me, so I'll keep reading until I get to yesterday's (#258).  It's only updated twice a week, so it shouldn't take long to catch up and stay caught up.

Here's another key early strip, where she makes friends with a girl who's more boy than Sarah is:

Don't forget to click to get the big picture.

Go Sarah!

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  1. Keep going it just keeps getting better, but darn that's another cartoon I just have to look at every day.


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