Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Shopportunity

I left a badge at home on my last day and I had to make a final trip to my office to return that badge.  I figured I'd use this as a chance to schmooze with a couple of the people in the office and to hit the mall and the nearby stores One More Time.

I started at the bicycle shop: my son wanted a lock for his bicycle.  From there, I went to Ulta, kind of right next door.  They offered a coupon this week, and I'm still on my lip gloss kick so I thought I'd see what they had.

What they had was busy salesladies and I didn't want to just grab something, so I left.

I went across to the mall and went into the Penney's.  They have a little Sephora area in the store and I again asked a saleslady to help me find a gloss in my shade.  She did, and I purchased a tube of Sephora "glossy gloss" in Creme Brulee.  I did as is now my habit: I told her I'm looking for gloss in my shade; I want to add shine, not colour.

From there, I went back to the Macy's.  I saw the same saleslady as last time, when I bought the pants and black skirt.  I've talked about my face blindness before, but I remembered she was slim, had long blonde hair, and a Scandinavian accent.  Once I heard her speak, I was pretty sure it was her.  I looked at the clearance racks and found a nice dress, in shades of purple and blue.  When I went to check out, she remembered me and I said "you suggested I get more colourful and here I am!"  She helped me look for a dress like the woman in front of me purchased ~ I really liked it ~ but it was also from the clearance rack and was the only one there.

There is a Payless in the mall that had a platform pump in my size, but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend $35 for them, so I didn't go back.  I did go across the street to the DSW and found nothing I liked in my size, and I went next door to the bookstore and also found nothing I liked, in my size.

At least I now have a new dress aching to be tried on. Next up: look for a place to wear it out.

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