Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Next Up: Bridesmaid Poll

Last week's poll was on whether you'd like to be a bride.
 Being a bride would mean starring in your own wedding.  That's a lot of expense, a lot of "being out," a lot of... well, there's a lot.  It means an incredible amount of comfort with your friends and family, once you get to the "let's do a ceremony" phase.

So let's step back a bit.

How about being a bridesmaid (or maid of honour) in the wedding of your friend the bride?

Your good friend is getting married and she asks you to attend as your female self in some capacity.  This is going to be a standard, real, civilian wedding.  Please choose the level you'd be comfortable with.  Your options are:

Attend as a guest.  Pick a party dress and shoes and gift.  Your invitation says "and guest."  Male guest or female guest?  There will be dancing and schmoozing and an attempt to catch the bouquet.   There is a second poll for you to choose whether you'd want a male escort, a female escort dressed as a male, or a female dressed as a female).

Be a bridesmaid.  The bride, of course, selects your gown.  You will attend dress fittings, the bridal shower, and the pre-wedding dinner.  This not a simple one-day thing.  You'll be dressed (and undressed and redressed) quite a bit.  You'll need to get outfits for the pre-wedding events.  You'll be paired with an usher and there will be more interaction with the guests, as a member of the wedding party.

Be the maid of honour.  You have all of the bridesmaid duties and more: you have to arrange a lot of the pre-wedding activities and support the bride.

And a little second mini-poll: Whatever role you choose, the expectation is that you should be escorted.  Will your escort be a male guest, a female dressed as a male, or a female dressed as a female?
Do you have any ideas for other female experiences I can add?  I have a couple of ideas.


  1. A long time ago in a galaxy far away I would most likely have opted for 'bridesmaid' but I think I aged out of the bridesmaid demographic during the Carter administration.

    I think that all of the pre-wedding stuff would be fun...a different outfit for the shower, the pre-wedding rehearsal, the multiple fittings...etc. I think, however, that the liberty to pick my own dress for a wedding would be great.
    Nice poll, Meg.


  2. We haven't quite caught the whole wedding extravaganza thing here yet, tends to just be the Hen party (shower)the ceremony and reception. A bit like Pat I think I past the Bridesmaid age, but well "what fun"

  3. A few years ago I attended the bridal shower and wedding of two TG friends. One was pre-op and still legally male. I went as Sharon, and my wife escorted me to the wedding. I would be willing to be a bridesmaid if asked. It was nice to be able to attend the wedding en femme.


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