Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sometimes, Bigger Is Better

(to my helpful anonymous adviser: most thinking people know anonymous advice is worth less than the vice presidency [reference John Nance Garner].  But thanks anyway.)

First, look at panel one of tomorrow's on-line Sherman's Lagoon.

Oddly enough, if I pulled that, it would be my last panel, so to speak.

But context is queen:

Click to enlarge as usual


  1. A mother had two sons, one ran away to sea, the other became Vice President and neither were ever heard of again

  2. I saw this last week. It's hilarious.

    And, of course, you're right. Context is everything!

  3. It is all about context, isn't it?

  4. You're a real kind lady, callin' me out without actually posting my post. I'm just sayin' be nice to yo' wife. She's goin' through a lot, too.

    If I was like your standard anon, I'd flame you with nasty stuff. I don't intend to - I don't have that sort of malice, m'dear. I just hope you do your wife well, be considerate, and maybe, everything might get better, or at least resolved. >.>

    It hurts seeing you guys/gals saying this kind of thing, because I went through some of it on the other side. I was a little harsh last time b/c it stung to read, and I'm sorry 'bout that. But I don't think I'm completely without some validity in what I'm sayin', y'know? Both you and the missus have been a bit close-minded - I ain' gonna judge who, but you ain' free of guilt - and it's up to someone to man/woman up.

    Ya prolly won't accept this post. But eh, it's a bit cathartic for me. - shrug -


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