Friday, July 1, 2011

Must.... Maintain.... Control....

Today, I pick up my oldest son and my friend from New York who "met" Meg at the rally last October.  I'm trying to behave myself, but even after nine months I'm still not sure if I want him to really know about Meg, or not.

I often have this problem when faced with two or more choices.  It's not just part of my CD life.  But this should be a simpler choice.

There won't be any dressing up during his visit, but I already reminded him of my last "surprise" by telling him there won't be any surprises this time.

I think I'll behave myself, but sometimes I want to just tell the world.  I maintain a non-Meg webpage and have a non-Meg blog that I barely update.  Some days, I feel like posting something on each pointing people to here.  Some days, I feel like posting all of my pertinent information here.  I have a "scheduled" post that does just that.  I keep changing the scheduled date; it's always at least a month in the future.  Someday, I think I'll change the date to today's date.  Someday, something will happen to me and a month later....

It's hard sometimes.  I think we all can relate to that.  It's hard to keep part of yourself hidden from even those closest to you.


  1. --Yep. Most of us wouldn't have these issues if we didn't need to keep it all tucked firmly inside.


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