Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gender Orientation and You - Part One

Thank you for responding to my first poll!  99 people answered.  I was not one of them.  In spite of what I wrote to go along with poll #2, I'd answer "Always with a girl."

That makes 100 people, which means the percentages are super easy!

The rest of the week will be devoted to poll interpretation.  All interpretations are, of course, my own.  I welcome comments or e-mails.  Feel free to tell me I'm full of sh*t.

Although a couple of ciswomen may have answered, I'm going to assume there were none.  I know, in a small sample that's a bad idea.  I'm also going to assume there were no civilians among the poll takers.

The results are still visible on the sidebar, below the pictures of y'all.  I'll leave them there for a few days, then summarise them in a post.

So on to the results

Almost half of us (42%) are straight males.  In other polls, in general populations, the number is much larger.

But we're more nuanced here.

6% are gay.  This is probably within norms for the general population.  I really need a larger sample!

3% are "admirers" or "chasers."

For those who haven't heard the last two terms, admirer refers to a male who likes t-gurls.  In a different poll, 3% (but not the same 3%) is probably the number who would answer "the most important feature in a woman is her feet" or "I'm always with someone wearing latex" or some other fetishistic focus.  Please ~ I don't mean "fetish" as a bad word.  It's a descriptive word, an attraction to something "outside the norm."  I'm not assigning right or wrong to any behaviour.  Mensa members are "outside the norm".

Chaser is short for "tranny chaser," which is normally used in a derogatory manner to describe women who like t-gurls.  I think we need a better word, such as "fantastic" or "spectacular."  I've said before, on the classic one-to-ten scale, a women who accepts us automatically gains two or three points.  A woman who prefers us gets at least a five point bonus.  So you women are pretty much off the scale that originally put Bo Derek at the top.

20% identified as "flexible."  Sonora Sage pointed me at a new term (for me, anyway): pansexual.  Bisexuals are attracted to people regardless of sex.  Pansexuals are attracted to people regardless of sex or gender.

I think the 20% here are probably bisexual.  I think the other 28% who chose one the other six options might have answered "pansexual" if there was such a choice.  50% of me thinks I'm wrong.  There are probably respondents  who, when they say flexible, they mean "whether I'm dressed or not, I might be caught necking with a man, woman, or t-gurl."

I was really tempted to leave out the flexible category from my poll and have people focus on their primary fantasy partner.  But it's there and now I'm stuck with it. :)

One percent is asexual.  That, I think, is lower than in the general population, but again, Sage pointed me at the "-romantic" category, people who enjoy the romantic aspect but not the sexual.  That, I think, is another poll, and one for someone else.

That covers about seventy percent of our population.  Most polls would have stopped there, and they'd get 9% gay (because an admirer would check "with a boy"), 20% bisexual, and 71% straight.

We're going deeper.  And now it's getting harder.


  1. I think your analysis is probably on the nose. In surveys I've done at my blog (and on my old website), I've always gotten quite similar results.

  2. I have a real issue with your categorization of "always with a girl" category as "straight males". It has repeatedly been shown that gender identity and sexual attraction are fairly orthogonal, statistically speaking) to each other, especially in the "T" community. In particular, you conflate CD and lesbian TS when you assume "attracted to women" is the same as "straight male" for someone with masculine standard plumbing/birth gender assignment.

  3. Anon ~ if you don't mind non-anon'ing yourself, please drop me a note. I'm not 100% sure I understand you, and I'd like to.

    If what you're saying is, I'm ignoring TS, and equating TS lesbian with straight male, you're right, and that's not so much an oversight as it is my (possibly wrong) feeling that my readers are almost all non-ts.

  4. I commend you for your work in delving into the realm of polls and their analysis.

    On the other hand Rasmussen, Gallup, etc. have nothing to worry about.


  5. --I'm most interested in what was not represented in your poll. Not that I'm surprised by that it wasn't. It's the one option that makes no logical sense to me. Were you expecting all options to have at least one vote?

    I am surprised by your current poll, though. All options are represented at least once. I did not expect that.

  6. Meg, fun little poll project you have going! I have to agree with "Anonymous 9:46am" though. While I present as a straight male, probably the last time I would have classified myself as such was maybe 7th grade. After that, I was very self-aware of being a lesbian in a body that, while unfortunately annoying myself, managed to attract lovers of the desired gender. :-) I have no idea if most of your readers are non-TS, but this one, while pre-op, certainly is.


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