Friday, July 29, 2011

Gender Orientation and You ~ Part Three

Please take this week's poll.  Check more than one answer, as your heart tells you.  Response has been light and time is running out.  Read the overly long introduction which will help you understand the choices.  I'm leaving the poll open for a couple of more days.

This is the last planned interpretation of my first poll.

Eliminating "I'm always with a..." and "flexible" and "not interested", there are six "gender orientation" categories, with a total of 28 respondents.

I've split those into "gender straight" (3 categories, 22 responses, one assumption) and "gender gay" (2 categories, 1 response).

And then there's

             If I'm a boy, I'm with a trans; if I'm a girl, I'm with a girl.

which I am at a loss to explain. There were five people who checked this box. It's not a gender orientation ~ as a boy, you appear straight. As a girl, you appear gay. It's not a clear sexual orientation: as a boy, you prefer boys. As a girl, you prefer girls. Even if it was all about the clothes, I'd think it would be a "girl all the way" person. Please, someone let me know why you picked this! I am very interested!

So the final tally for the gender orientation categories:
gender straight: 78.5%
gender gay: 3.5%
I'm at a loss: 18%

And for those who are keeping score, 22% of the total population are gender straight, 1% is gender gay, and 5% I don't get.

Here are the final poll results:

I'm always with a boy.6
I'm always with a girl.42
I'm always with someone who's trans.3
If I'm a boy, I'm with a girl; if I'm a girl, I'm with a boy.14
If I'm a boy, I'm with a girl; if I'm a girl, I'm with a trans.6
If I'm a boy, I'm with a boy; if I'm a girl, I'm with a girl.0
If I'm a boy, I'm with a boy; if I'm a girl, I'm with a trans.1
If I'm a boy, I'm with a trans; if I'm a girl, I'm with a boy.2
If I'm a boy, I'm with a trans; if I'm a girl, I'm with a girl.5
It's not important. I'm pretty flexible.20
I'm not interested.1


  1. Hi, Meg! Sadly I found this poll just a few days too late; I only discovered you today because I have been hunting all over creation for that hilarious Sherman's Lagoon strip from September 2010 about the eyeshade fish (so when you look at your website stats and see that one of the hits came from a google search for "Sherman's Lagoon", you'll know why).

    I always like poll results that validate my own existence -- I'm also in the "always with a girl" category. I spent the first 10 years of my crossdressing existence with no internet to help me find out more about myself or others like me, so I had no idea WHAT it was that I was or what I wanted. Then I became sexually active with a college girlfriend, and at least the two big questions fell into place -- I really really liked being a guy with all the dangly bits and I really really liked what my girlfriend and I could do with those dangly bits together.

    Anyway, better late then never... looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Heh Heh...
    I see a new addition is needed, even though the poll is closed... ;-)

    "If I'm a boy, I'm with a girl/gurl; if I'm a girl/gurl, I'm STILL with a girl/gurl."

    As Ir ead the poll responses, though, it looked like you only accepted respondants as one gender... And with you being the blogger, I'd expect different! ;-)

    now, for me, it's the femininity that I love - whether me or my SO. (Which makes it odd I end up with tomboys a lot of the time... but that's another story.) Only those who have to WORK for it seem to understand the value of femininity, though. (Which is why I used "gurl" for us, as opposed to cisgender "girl" or GG. Where I am, mentally, it's the "girl" that's important, but we have to pigeon-hole everyone, so.. New terms, right? Instead of just sticking with what would make it simple, "girl" for all. Ugh... :-P )

    Jean (Not a robot!) ;-)


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