Monday, July 25, 2011

My Dating Poll Answers

Please take this week's poll.  Check more than one answer, as your heart tells you.  Response has been light and time is running out.  Read the overly long introduction which will help you understand the choices.

I received a few "admirer" offers, in the past.  Guys would contact me through URNA and request dates.  I always said no.  But afterward, I started thinking about those offers and thought, it would be a unique girl experience for sure.  This was a few years ago, when Meg was barely out of the house.  I could have contacted the guys; they always left it open in case I changed my mind, but I never did.

It's a more dangerous experience than I'd want to have.  It's not just a comfort zone thing.  I think I could make it fit my comfort zone, once I got over the first "Oh My God I'm Out With A Guy" moment. 

If my "escort" decided to get rough, or have me do things I did not wish to do, I'd have little recourse, really.  I'd be way more vulnerable than a real woman in this situation.

When I first started going out, I would have answered the dating poll "girls all the way."  I'd still rather be out with a girl (or group of women) than one or more guys or t-girls (sorry, ladies).  No doubt about it.  A girls night out would be heaven to me.  I really enjoyed my dinner with Dana.  But as much as I enjoyed that evening, as wonderful a woman as Dana is, I wouldn't trade my Saturday with Sage for that dinner.

But now I'd also check I've had an epiphany like Meg's (obviously), and I'd like to try a date and if I did go out, it would be a "no touching" or maybe ~ maybe ~ a peck on the cheek (no lips!).  I'd also check that I'd go out with a t-girl when I'm in drab and treat her like a lady.  I think it would be a Good Thing if I could help someone who's more closeted than I am.  If that would help her, I'd do it.  And I'd consider a hug and accepting a peck on the cheek.  Mostly for appearances, so we look like a couple, and for her girl experience.

Oddly enough, I don't know how I'd feel about holding hands.  I think I'd take/offer an arm before a hand.

I asked my readers to think about it.  I did as well, and I think it very likely that my answers might change with time.

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