Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Polls Are Still Open

Thank you for answering.  The poll is still open, but it will close Any Minute Now.  If you haven't, please take the poll.  But the comments are no longer unembargoed.  Go back to my "I Like You" post, if you want to see what people have written.  I commented on some comments as well.  It's getting interesting.

Going Out Note: yesterday, I found out my wife and son will be going away for a couple of days with one of her friends and their son.  As I've mentioned before, she often changes plans.  But I'll be prepping in advance of the date.

The "flexible" answer is the one that I'm personally having problems with.   I don't know if, for instance, readers who are really attracted to women but were with a guy once or twice, just to see what it's like, and really had a good time described themselves as "always with a girl" or "flexible."  The first follow-up poll will address this.

I'll write about the results as I interpret them, over the next few days.  Your arguments/agreements are welcome.  But there are two answers I don't understand yet.

If I'm a boy, I'm with a girl; if I'm a girl, I'm with a trans. (6 responses)
If I'm a boy, I'm with a trans; if I'm a girl, I'm with a girl. (4 responses)

The situation is the same: to the world, you're always with a girl.  But internally... I don't understand.

If anyone can help (especially if you selected one of these answers), I'd love to know.

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