Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Slight Miscalculation

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A note: for you early readers, I added a photo and blurb to yesterday's post around 10am EDT.

Also: bonus points for anyone who can identify another "Cicely and Gwendolyn" pair, as mentioned in yesterday's post.

In preparation for going out in a couple of weeks, I've been keeping my body hair trimmed.  One day I do arms and hands, one day I do legs and feet, then back again as needed.

I've noticed my toes still have a bit of polish on them from my last pedicure.  No problem.  From a distance, they look fine, if sometimes a tiny bit tinted.  Probably, no-one would notice if I went barefoot.  No-one notices in the house, for sure.

Remember I wrote a while back about my toes and how they cause me problems?  To recap: each of my large toes has a problem.  The left one is split and it sometimes catches on slacks and socks.  Worse, it sometimes catches on hose and then I have to put on a spare pair.  The right one curves in on the left side and digs into my toe.  I've been sort of controlling it by pulling it up and clipping it, which is both difficult and painful.  It's gotten worse and now it curves down and digs in on both the left and right.  Pressure on the top can be very painful.  Women's shoes are flatter than men's and they push the toenail down.  And in.

Last week, I had a call to fix a computer at a foot doctor's office.  I decided it was time to do something about this, so I made an appointment to have him look at/fix my toes.  The last time I had a toe problem fixed, I was off my feet for a week.  Hopefully, lasers have solved those problems and that won't happen.  I made the appointment for Tuesday, after work.

Today is Sunday.  I will not have time to remove the polish.  My foot/leg hair will not grow back by then.

If whoever looks at my feet says "were you wearing polish?"  I will say "I was."  I have no idea what to say next though.  No More Stories though.


  1. Tell him/her the truth. Under patient confidentiality he can't say anything anyway.

  2. I'm not worried about him (or the nurse or whoever else is doing the initial evaluation) telling anyone. I'm just wondering how far I want to out myself.

    He might just assume I'm the father of a young daughter. Girls around 5 enjoy polishing nails. Alas, I never had the pleasure of having one myself.

  3. Don't worry.... I've shaved virtually all of my body off for several years, and never a comment from either the nurse or doctor....


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