Friday, July 8, 2011

Notes From the Weekend

Today I learned I underestimate my readers.  Did anyone not know the "Max" reference?

I behaved around my friend.  We saw a lot of people.  I'm still here, and my status is unchanged.

If you recall, I was wondering if my hairless arms would evoke any comments.  I wore short sleeves, but not shorts, just because I rarely do.  I had the usual visible trappings: flowery or otherwise non-plain socks, charm bracelet, necklace.

My friend P made no comment.  At one point he did ask about my charm bracelet and I told him what each charm meant and why I wear it.  A couple of times, he commented on my "Christine" costume, but it went no further.  For instance, he cut himself shaving (face, for the record) and I said that it really doesn't look good, bleeding all over the metro.  He said "if you weren't embarrassed wearing a dress in DC, I won't be embarrassed bleeding."  I said "half the people riding the train have probably done so in a dress."  I was considering saying, "first of all, it was a suit, not a dress" but I didn't.  I also didn't push the conversation by saying "I really enjoyed going out like that" or something similar.  I was close, but I didn't.  Next time, I may not be able to stop myself.  I'll assume that will be self-correcting and there won't be a next time.

We also had another (female) friend and her son over for dinner on Saturday.  No-one commented on the absence of hair.  Or on my flowery socks, even though we sat down to watch a movie afterwards and I had my socked feet up on a coffee table for all to appreciate (or, apparently, not).

Sunday evening, I came into the kitchen after working with the boys a bit upstairs to find my wife talking to P about her "past life" experiences.  I thought, "this might get interesting," but I didn't join in the conversation.  She didn't invite me in by talking about my experiences ~ I think she was afraid it would get to my most recent one and the disclosure of my crossdressing.  I understand why she didn't want to do that, and I don't think I'll mention it to her.  If she had me join in, I would have ignored the latest event and talked about the first two.  Just to show her I can do it.

Monday, we spent the day at the Vienna fair, working a booth.  There were a dozen kids and almost as many adults there.  No comments.  Well, not from them.  I had fun talking to the vendors, mostly about how I loved their earrings but, alas, don't have pierced ears.  A couple of vendors asked if the jewelry I was looking at was for a wife, or girlfriend, or daughter and I said "it's for me."  One said "we have some men's items" and I said "no, this is what I'm looking for."  One had a variety of charms and I told her I was looking for one for my bracelet, but she didn't have quit what I was looking for (a bird).

Frankly, I am starting to yearn for a matching earring/necklace set, something I've never had.  One vendor did have some clip-ons: nice earrings at a reasonable price.  I bought two pair.  I was also "joking" with one of the women at our booth.  She suggested I get my ears pierced.  I can tell my wife "it was G's idea" but she won't buy that.  So I won't.

Monday, for dinner, we went to a friend's house.  Another family was there.  Total: seven adults, four teenage boys, zero comments.

I think it's safe to shave, epilate, depilitate, wax ~ whatever you want.

Yesterday, I went to a customer's house.  She asked if I could remove my shoes before stepping on her white carpet.  I did.  I doubt she even noticed my socks.

By the way, I always wear some extra-nice socks when going to the airport.  Why the heck not.

And thank you for clicking that button!  It really wasn't important, except it was at 99.  Jeri, Cameron, Mistress Elizabeth...  There were two more, but I have to figure out who they are.  Unless y'all want to drop me a note!  If you're deep in the closet and don't want me to know who you are, well, that's up to you.  I'd like to chat.


  1. The post hit several points.
    1. Go hairless. Full time. I have no hair on my arms, legs, chest or back. Once every several years someone will ask if I shave my legs. My typical comment is to thank them for noticing.
    2. Keep the 'past life' issue alive. I am convinced that in at least two prior visits I was female. Your wife may come to accept your Meg-ness as a current connection to a past life.
    3. I have been wanting an earring/necklace set and we have been to several fairs, festivals, etc. with cheap/low cost jewelry booths but almost all earrings are for pierced ears and I just could not be buying such stuff in public with my wife around.

  2. As someone who has been virtually hairless all of his adult life (naturally, not shaved), it is my conclusion that most folks never notice.


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