Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Have A Go!

I spoke to my wife about the clothing swap, and how I basically need the house to myself on Sunday so I can change, drop by the swap, and change back.

She said little, but agreed to give me this little time out.  Later, she surprised me by asking "so what goes on at these clothing swaps anyway?"  She's never shown any interest in what Meg does.

The swap is on the 7th.  I'm still looking for something to do on the 9th.

Meanwhile, my wife will be out with friends later today, and she'll be taking my youngest to visit a friend at the same time.  This means I have a little free time.  I am going to pull out that device of the Inquisition known as an epilator once again and go over my legs.  I'm also want to try a cap sleeve blouse to see if I can get my arms clean enough to wear it.

I also bought a couple of new things that I want to try on.  I need something for the swap and my other day out!  I am also sorting through Meg's side of the closet.  It's a mess.  I want dresses, tops, skirts, camisoles, separated and I want to put the ones that fit and look best in the front of each group.  And if there are dresses that look horrid or skirts that fall down or won't close...  The swap is on the 7th.  I have a big bag of clothes now, but even bigger is even better.  Kim takes all of the leftovers to a women's shelter or other charity.
This Monday, I have an appointment to get my neck and eyebrows waxed and a manicure (alas, no colour).


My day is brighter when I hear from my friends!