Thursday, July 21, 2011

Great Timing!

Please take this week's poll.  Read the introductory post first, and please take your time and think it through!  Let your imagination guide you if you've never thought about these situations.

My wife told me she'd like to go to the beach for a couple of overnights with her friend and their two sons.  They do this about once a year.  The one time I joined them, I was a definite third wheel.  I was more hoping to be one of the girls, but....  Besides, I'm not too fond of her friend.  I like almost everybody.  I don't dislike her, but she's not someone I'd like to spend time alone with.

When she told me the date, the first thing I did was check meetup: the next clothing swap is the Sunday she's leaving.  They like to leave really early, so I immediately mapped out my day:

  • help them get out as early as possible (pre-dawn would be good, 10 is more likely, 9 is probably the best I can hope for)
  • put my car in the garage, put my swap clothes in the car
  • try on the clothes I bought two days ago (I'll write about them soon) and any other clothes I buy before the swap
  • get dressed for the swap
  • get a manicure.  Maybe a pedicure.  They're hard to resist, but they take a while.  So time permitting....
  • help Kim set up her swap, look at clothes, have an enjoyable afternoon (hopefully without a flat tire!)
  • maybe go out to eat (finally!  As Meg)
  • blow off work on Monday
  • Monday, Meg does... something.  If you have any suggestions, that would be great.  I was thinking of going into DC and doing something there.  Maybe I'll go back to that gay restaurant for dinner.
  • in the evening, remove nail polishes
  • be back at work Tuesday as my usual drab self.
I may even join the DC "we go to the local gay bar a couple of times a week" group.  They almost always go out on Sunday night.  I've been a member for over a year and never joined them.


  1. While lunch or dinner as Meg sounds like a good idea, here are a few others:

    Go to the theater (movie or stage) as Meg

    Hit the mall museums as Meg

    Is there a good photo studio place around (you know, one of the ones that are usually in malls)? Get some good portraits as Meg.

  2. If you go to eat make it a sit down restaurant that is a little more "upscale". if for no other reason than they tend to be in safer neighborhoods.


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