Thursday, December 16, 2010


I decided to watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye on Sunday.  No reason, other than I'm a huge Danny Kaye fan.  He was a genius who could do it all, and he makes it all look so easy.

I had never seen White Christmas before.  I knew it was mostly music and dancing glued together by the thinnest of plots, so turning it on about 20 minutes into the movie didn't bother me.

It started with a scene where the "Haynes Sisters" were doing a song about being sisters.

The movie was released the same year I was.  Back then, it took four years for a movie to reach television.

I never knew what movie this scene came from, but when I saw them singing, I knew what was coming next.

When I was probably four or five, I was playing and my father was watching, apparently, White Christmas.  Then this scene came in on glorious black-and-white:

I was spellbound.  Guys dressing like girls!  On tv!

I was four or five.

And I remember that fifty years later.  And for the past fifty years, I've been wondering what movie that was!

I just had a weird thought ~ some poor civilian is going to google "White Christmas Danny Kaye Bing Crosby" and find my blog.  Bring 'em on! :)


  1. Never been a Kay fan, but I have to say - he was having fun with it. His moves were much better and more natural than Bings'. But Bing has those eyes!

  2. I watched White Christmas the other day. I loved the "Sister" scene. Want to learn to use fans myself.

  3. And, for those of us who ogle what women are wearing (and wish we could wear it, too), there's that gorgeous black velvet gown that Rosemary Clooney wears singing "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me"!

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  5. Resently, you stated how you watch and enjoy the morning news "girls" and their dresses and etc. I'm thinking OK! then, this morning here local the channel 4 weather girl is on.
    she's got on this green dress, I'm in love with color of her hair, the earrings, oh my! LOL :) dog gone your blog is.. habit forming!
    I've got check the weather more often or....
    check the weather girl is really better!
    I'm enjoying sightseeing in Colorado!

  6. Ok Meg, I'm crazy about Danny Kaye as well, but you didn't pause long enough on BING!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bing Crosby (God bless his departed soul)! His voice gives me goose pimples and makes me blush!! I love thinking about the fact that we were watching a movie "together." I watched it all the first time around on AMC and almost to the end of the second one. I couldn't tear myself away. I don't know if I like this or Holiday Inn better.
    Also, have you seen "Some Like it Hot" ? Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon crossdressing.
    "Bringing Up Baby" has Rock Hudson in a fluffy girly robe as well!
    Please to enjoy!


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