Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Like You've Never Done This

I turned on the weather channel Saturday morning.  In addition to the usual bleak forecast, there was a weatherlady (Maria LaRosa I think) wearing a very pretty short-sleeved fitted cranberry dress.  Unfortunately, she was standing at the weather map whenever I heard her voice and looked up, so I only got a waist-up look at her.  When she'd pass to her male counterpart, they always started with a full-length shot.  I wanted to see the rest of the dress, but I had to leave.

So I hit the button to tape the next half-hour and left.

I checked the tape this morning ~ I want that dress!  I wish I had a picture to share.

I also usually leave the house a few minutes after 6.  The last thing I do is flip on Headline News and see what Robin Meade is wearing.  I don't really like her, but she looks nice and dresses well.

Hey, if I get out of bed early enough, I turn on Univision and catch a bit of Primer Impacto (sound off).  All of the presentadoras dress beautifully.  I always loved to see Bárbara, but she just had a baby so she's off for a bit.  It's worth getting up to see Ilia and Satcha, and Jackie do the weather.  They all seem to like dresses or tops with at least short sleeves (which I like, since too much hair spoils the illusion), short skirts, and sexy shoes.  And the cameraman always takes a long shot of the ladies at one point or another.  The last minute usually has them sitting behind a glass table, so even getting downstairs at 5:28 is worthwhile.  I'd be happy with a wardrobe made entirely of their cast-offs.

And the nice thing about Univision at that time of day: most of the ads are promos and their shows are way hotter than ours!


  1. I agree that there is much to appreciate about the outfits worn by the women on TWC and that the ante goes up on the 'Spanish' stations.

    In my view, however, the best channel to watch for well dressed, madeup, coiffed and shod, attractive women is FNC. All day and all night they have one attractive and well turned out woman after another. Gretchen, Martha, Megyn, Juliette, Julie, Kimberly, etc. My wife and I often discuss their clothes, hair and makeup and we have concluded that there is a Fox News babe official stylist. We have even agreed that there is an almost official shade of blonde hair dye for some of the Fox women.

    If you are ever awake at 3 AM you should check out "Red-Eye with Greg Gutfield". This is a nightly comedy riff on the days news. Often it is very funny and totally irreverent. Red-Eye will always have at least one attractive woman on the show and they always seat her in "the leg chair" so that we insomniacs can check out her entire outfit from head to toe to keep us awake. Red-Eye's talent pool runs deep.

    PS: Meg, I respect your progressive leanings so you may have to use the same technique when you watch FNC as you do with Univision...namely turning down the sound, except for Red-Eye which even you may find amusing.

  2. I can't watch Fox in my house. One day I turned up the brightness on the set and now I don't get any of the stupid stations. ;)

  3. If you can, catch Morning Joe...Mika Brzinski (I think I spelled that right) is usually dressed in great clothes...and if you catch the end of the show just before 9 am, you can see her full length as they all stand around to talk. Mika seems to like short skirts, high heels and especially boots.

  4. Robin Meade was doing the skirt-and-boots today. What is it about that look?

  5. Not a surprise, but FNC really is a good place to see smartly dressed women. It may be worth a quick channel surf once in a while. LOL
    For irreverent humor that skewers in all directions and never fails to have a well dressed woman in the 'leg seat' I would suggest taping "Red Eye".

  6. I caught the end of Primer Impact On Tuesday Dec 14, and there was a lady singing at the very end of the show. Does anyone know who she is?


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