Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Mini-Heart Attacks

I received an e-mail from P with the subject:

What does this mean..

I thought "Oh.  Sh!t.  It went through after all.  Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam."

I opened the message.

It had to do with some files on his computer that he wasn't familiar with.


Then I looked further down my list of messages.

He did get the message I meant to send to myself.

He wrote "I guess this was meant for J?"

I think I'll go with that.  But how did he ignore that subject ("More fun with civilians")?  And if he's still talking to J....

I may still be in trouble.


  1. This is turning into a really interesting exchange, I can't wait to see where it ends. I hope that you are having more fun than heart attacks.

  2. Dear Meg,

    I have witnessed your anquish and envelope pushing on this matter for some time now. I have a suggestion that may merit some consideration.

    Perhaps your "Megness" simply does not rise to an attention level with your friend. It could be that everything is just OK, c'est la vie, lets move on, and whats for supper?

    I know that that possibility removes some of the potential for delight that your brave embrace of your fuller you represents, but it would not be a bad, or perhaps really surprising outcome.

    Just prodding a little. No point in keeping undue anxiety on board after all.


  3. I actually like what Petra had to surprise there. I think I hinted as much in one of my earlier comments. While being CD is a very big deal to you, me and lots of other you dress or whether you have a keener than average interest in womans fashions and clothes just may not be that big a deal to P.

    Nevertheless, it seems that the cork on the Genie's bottle has been dislodged and the spirit is emerging from its dormant state. Of course, it could be Barbara Eden...

    I am both enjoying and empathizing the ongoing angst that you are going through in the developing unpeeling of the onion with P but as an old t-shirt of one of my kids read many years ago "If you are not living on the are taking up too much room.

    BTW...I think angst is a good thing for you and many of us. Boredom and ennui is the enemy.


  4. Meg, I’ve been reading your blog, and as you stated you have a tendency to go (or question) too far. I believe that P is a typical Alpha Male. Macho Man in Control! That’s why he ran ahead to check on the trains… “I shall lead the girls will follow me!”
    Now, think when an Alpha male and his wife talk issues, the conversion goes like
    “Her… I want to paint the bath”
    “Him… Ok!”
    “Her….it will be purple.”
    "Him…. OK!”
    “Her…with brown spots.”
    “Him OK!” then
    “He says...did you know the blue team is winning?”
    He has total missed her need to talk about the bath’s paint. I think that P’s attitude towards you is this way… “You… what did think of my Christine?” “P well at least you had on clothes” Totally ignorant of the complete outfit you presented.(and very well I would add) You and I have different brain… we consider the complete outfit, shoes, jewelry, hair , etc., He noticed you were ready to go when he was. Now!, you know why women scream he doesn’t understand!! And he goes “What? What did I say ?” he totally noticed nothing and she wanted some kind of spoken appreciative comment.


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