Thursday, December 23, 2010

So Close!

I always check Freecycle.  I use it to get rid of stuff, but I'm always on the lookout for clothes.

For the uninitiated,  freecycle has local groups around the country.  If you want to get rid of something, post an OFFER.  If you want to pick that up, write to the person; after it's picked up they post a TAKEN.  It's discouraged, but if you need something you can post a WANTED and then a RECEIVED if/when you get it.

I always wanted to post WANTED: Porsche Carrera GT, any year and then a RECEIVED.  Just to see what the reaction is.  Or post an OFFER and TAKEN for the same car.  I bet I can find everyone on freecycle that way. :)

Back to the real world.... here's what I just saw:

My feet grew after having 3 kids so sadly for me, my shoes don't fit anymore. Would like it if you take all and freecycle or donate what you don't want.

Enzo Angiolini black wide medium heel - great for every day in the office or an evening out.
Easy Spirit tan/beige with brown accents, medium thin heel - very cute.
Easy Spirit beige low wide heel.
Trotters navy, thin high heel - love these.
Easy Spirit black sling backs, medium heel - great for a night out.
Tan low wide heel - great for everyday, very comfortable
Munro navy flats - very comfortable, need a good cleaning
Ryka white tennis shoes.

Almost all of these were rarely worn - maybe once or twice and have just been sitting in my closet.

The bad news: they're size 10.  I need 11.  So close.

The good news: I'll keep watching for this freecycler.  She might be 11 now and getting rid of some of those shoes at some time.

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