Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Search Me

"Google sent 909 total visits via 349 keywords" since I started blogging, says google analytics.

I like to track stuff.  I'm sure it's some sort of treatable disorder, but who cares.  I'm harmless.  Mostly harmless.

About 290 of those 349 keywords were searched just one time.  Another 30 or so terms were searched twice.  Twenty-one were searched between 3 and 9 times.  Six more between 10 and 33 times.  And after that ~ "call me meg" was the top term: 354 visits.

I can also see when people searched by day.  I can see that as many as eight people searched for that top keyword on a single day.  And I can see that "Robin Meade" was searched once ~ on the day I mentioned her name.  Someone at CNN has a google alert for her set up.  I'm guessing, of course.

"call me meg", "callmemeg" and "callmemeg blog" and other "call me meg" variations accounted for almost 50% of the searches.  Since I wanted "call me meg" for my blog and gmail address and that was taken, I'm not absolutely certain the querents1 were searching for me.  I suspect the one who searched for "call me meg" crossdress was searching for me: she spent 5:30 on the site and checked out three pages.  On the other hand, the one who searched for "meg transgender" spent no time at all and ran away immediately.  Unless she found the site as someone walked in unexpectedly, I'd say I wasn't that Meg at all.  (I just checked ~ I'm the first hit for "meg transgender".)

So some of these are people searching for me, some are not.  My absolute favourite: "milf named meg" (3 searches).  I hope they were looking for cute li'l me. :)

There was "purple meg dress" and "www meg suits" and "meg in drag"....  I wonder if that last one was a "men in drag" typo.

One I'm sure was for me: "flying en femme call me meg".  Maybe "purple meg dress" was purposeful.  Maybe not.

And "meg shops"?  "meg zone"?  I'll never know.  And I have no idea what "the meg me you meg me" means!  Or "meg code."  Or "meg me time" or "calling someone a meg!"

The top seven searches were all searched at least ten times.  The only one that didn't have call and meg in the search: "transvestite shirts" (25 searches, all between 20 Sep and 7 Oct).

Over 100 unique searches mentioned "crossdress".  A few more used "transvestite".

But 45 unique searches were for Halloween.  Just over half were a variation on "crossdressed for halloween".  One more specifically excluded the word "gay".

Another five added "stories" or "fiction" to the mix.  OK, I like stories about guys who dress up for Halloween too.  Especially if they're forced to dress up.  Someday, I'll talk about my fiction preferences.  if you want to tell me yours, I'd love to hear.  Drop me a note.

I hope they weren't disappointed when they clicked on my blog.  Actually, I have some clues.  The three who searched for "crossdress halloween" liked the site ~ they spent an average of 7 minutes here, and at least one was probably new ~ she looked an an average of almost six pages.  Some other visitors left as soon as they saw the site.  Maybe the pink threw them.

Other Halloween searches....
People probably looking for guidance:
"dressed as a woman" halloween party fooled
halloween "in-heels" wig 
halloween party photos crossdressed 2010

Probably looking for stories:
halloween crossdresser first time out
my sister crossdressed me on halloween
wife crossdressed me for halloween
halloween lost bet story ~ OK.  Read my No More Stories post!  I think she's looking for ideas to post a "I lost a bet and absolutely have to dress up.  What should I wear" query somewhere.

halloween crossdressed wife ~ not sure
i wore my butt plug on halloween ~ how the heck did I get in the results?????
logistics de halloween ~ "de"?
sissies in halloween dress ~ I never liked the "s" word
young boys crossdressed for halloween ~ whoa!  NEVER going there!  NOT interested!

Accidental visitors.  they didn't even stay a second:
dark blue for halloween means
halloween blue suit

I'm going to stop here.  There are a lot more, but this is probably more interesting to me than to you.

I'll talk a bit more about searches and maybe check what terms found me every few months.  Some will be  interesting (like "you just dont understand how this feels" which probably found this post; I was the number two result); some just plain bizarre (like "the kind of roof shop picture" ~ wtf?  But it finds this post).

1querent is the person asking the question. Card readers use the term. Yes, I've dabbled.

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  1. How dare you call me a "querent?" Oh, wait, I should have waited until I got to the end of this post before complaining.

    I love the analysis of how people found your blog. Nice to know that "milf named meg" will get me to your site.


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