Saturday, December 11, 2010

Styles Change...

...and they change way too fast too!  You noticed it, I'm sure.  Guys don't care too much.  Their styles change slowly and they're never wedded to a particular product.  But we've all heard (or said) the common female style complaint: "I can't find my favourite lipstick/perfume/hose" or some other consumable.  Crossdressers notice it too....  We work hard to find the right foundation and then they discontinue it or change its name and the search is on once again.

But that's not what this post is about.

I wanted to put up a page with different women's clothes that I like and wear that can pass for men's clothes, but styles change so quickly that I can't find any of the items I bought, even if it was just a few weeks ago.  My no-iron button-down shirts are no longer available.  My comfy Aerosole dress shoes are long gone.  Even some of my favourite undies had different style names/numbers now.

I regularly wear tank tops under shirts.  They're fine, even under thinner shirts.

Usually I wear something like this.  Jockey often has 25% off sales and that's when I buy.  [You know why I'm linking to Amazon instead of Macy's, which has them on sale Right Now ~ if you follow that first link and buy anything from Amazon, I get a farthing and you get my (anonymous and blogwide) thanks.  And if I ever tell my wife about the blog, I can tell her it's helping to put our kids through college :) .]

But the other day, I wore a new (alas, male) shirt that has a heavier fabric so I went with something similar to this instead.  The one I wore had more of a design to the fabric (it's hard to describe) instead of ribs.  It was from Esprit, but, as I said, styles change and Esprit's website has nothing even remotely close to what I own.  It does have the lace around the neck.  The shirt and tank were both pink.  I'm sure it was fine.

The following day, I wore a grey (women's) button-down shirt and a grey (Esprit) tank underneath.

Not me :(
Now, with the cooler weather, I'm changing my casual Friday polo shirts (mostly women's ~ look for longer sleeves instead of cap sleeves) for denim shirts.  I have one women's denim shirt; I'm looking for more but so far without success.  I know I found this one in Sears, and I wish I bought two or three!

Under a denim shirt, I can wear something like this and not worry about straps or little strap adjusters or the general shape and lace showing through.  And yesterday, I wore something almost identical to that (in beige).  I'm always tempted to open One More Button, just to see if anyone says anything.  I don't give in to that particular temptation.

I also finally remembered to bring a lip balm into the office.  I like the "Softlips" but I haven't seen them in the stores lately.  (Hey!!  Amazon has them ;) ).The one I just wore down at work is "Mint Delight" and I don't even see that on the website!  I know I have Vanilla at my bedside.  A few years ago, I was in my manager's office and she had a lip balm that had a bit of a gloss.  I was using the same one (I forget the brand now) and I really wanted to say "I use that!" but she didn't know then and I kept my (slightly) glossy lips closed.

The lip balm I brought in was from Nivea.  In the past, I've bought the "Kiss of Recovery" or the "Kiss of Smoothness" but this time I picked up "A Kiss of Shimmer."  I was surprised at the colour (a deep peach), so I decided I had better try it on in front of a mirror, in case there's a bit too much shimmer.  The result: hardly any.  There's a bit of aroma, but not much shimmer.  Too bad.  I was ready for that.

Just one more thing while I'm talking about women's products....  Do you think "A Kiss of Shimmer" would sell if it was targetted to men?  Or "I Can't Believe It's A Girdle"?  Or "Soft & Beautiful Just For Me Hair Milk Shampoo"?  Guys buy "Shampoo".

I'm still hoping to alert you to items that I buy that are passable, but it's going to have to be quick hits: I found this, if you want it, here's the style number and where I got it.  Buy it now or look in the discount stores next week.

Oh.... I don't really recommend "A Kiss of Shimmer."  I'd like something a bit creamier.  I like the Softlips.


  1. Meg, thanks for your recomendations...i envy you wearing that red body...i have one black but i can't wear it because straps and other.
    i love lipsofters but here people is too much conservative
    Maria Victoria

  2. Love the tank tops... mmmm! :)

  3. Hi Meg,

    Nivea Light Kiss for me. Its yummy


  4. Meg
    This post along with the follow up post from earlier today on in-store shopping ploys once again establishes you as the Mistress of Logistics.

    Of course, it is obvious that we cross dressers enjoy wearing womans, clothes, makeup, lingerie, etc. as offen as possible. It has been described as the "holy grail" of CD's to be able to pass. By necessity this would include wearing a complete woman's ensemble plus makeup.

    My question relates to the concept of partial dressing, under dressing, or semi-dressing. I under dress daily...almost always limited to panties and hose. I also prefer to sleep in a nightgown rather than PJs. Your practice of feminine socks, or a female top, or woman's sneakers or lip gloss, I suppose would be a form of partial or semi dressing.

    Do we under dress or semi dress because that is the best we can do under the circumstances of leading a primarily male manifestation life? Do we need the semi secret knowledge that we have some ongoing if subtle or unknown connection to woman's clothing as we go about our lives, day in and day out?

    I know that there are some CDs who only dress when they can do the full transformation but I surmise that there are many who under, partial or semi dress.

    I would like to get your views (or the views of other followers of your blog) on the subject.


  5. This morning, Pat, I had a startling thought: passing isn't the "holy grail."

    Stana, not surprisingly, has it right. She hinted at it in femulate in the last month or so.

    And I'll spell it out in a future post. It needs more thinking first.

  6. I think that everyone needs to feel good about themselves and comfortable in their own skin. For many CD inclined folks, wearing some woman's clothes most of the time helps get that good feeling.

    For many of us full time dressing is simply out of the question. Even part time or occasional full transformation dressing is tough for many reasons.

    Years ago a tough New York Judge (Sam Liebowitz) sentenced a 64 year old man to serve 40 years on a burglary charge. The old man whined to the judge that he was 64 and would never make the 40 years. Judge Liebowitz coldly told him "Just do the best you can".

    While the setting is different there is wisdom in taking whatever situation you find yourself in and 'Just doing the best you can' under whatever circumstances you face.


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