Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Skirting the Issue

Recently, I was in a mall and I went into Sephora looking for primer.  Before the rally, the very helpful makeup lady gave me two primer samples ~ one for face, one for eyes.  I was hoping to get the same primers, although I really don't know which one is better than the other.  No stories here, but I was feeling playful.

me: when I bought makeup here a couple of months ago, the sales assistant gave me some primer samples, and I was hoping to pick up some primer today.

SA: do you know which ones she gave you?

me: no.  She put them into little containers.  There were two ~ one for eyes, one for face.

SA: does your wife know what kind, or were they for...?
      [I know she was waiting for me to fill in the blank, but I didn't]

me: all I know is, they were white and they did help the foundation go on smoother
      [after a bit of chatter, trying to figure out what I got and who they were for....]

SA: how about if I got you another sample, and wrote down the brand and style?  If they're what you're looking for, you'll know what to buy.

me: could you do that?  That would be great!

Now I know she knows it's for me.  I said that, without saying it.  But she couldn't be 100% sure.  Maybe if I was younger, she might have tried a kidding/flirting response since the (almost) direct approach didn't work.  Who knows.  But, as I said, I was feeling playful.  Maybe I'll try a repeat in a different Sephora and say I was given samples and "they really helped my foundation.  I'm looking to buy primers for next time."

If I'm feeling playful.

Almost two more weeks 'til shopping season's over.  With luck, I'll be at a mall today and off tomorrow.

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  1. While you and she are both confident that she knew the makeup was for you she remained professional and polite and has no deep insight into 'Meg'.
    Nevertheless, I see this as another good bit of outreach to the civilians.


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