Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Funnies: Close But No Cigar

I like a good joke.  But few things irk me more than a joke that doesn't quite make it.

Here are few coulda-been-funny cartoons.  Click to almost-enjoy.

Homonym toast?
Words that sound similar but have different meanings are homonyms. He's a writer! He KNOWS the test should have been on "different words that mean the same thing."

If you're gonna play with a prefix, play with a prefix.  "Perverse" is not from the Latin per- (thoroughly) -versus (turn towards).  It's from a single French word.  He could have made puns on adverse, converse, inverse, diverse, universe, even traverse, but not perverse (even though it's a funnier concept ~ it's still a fail).

It's a home run, but you knew that, kid.
The kid should have said "a four base hit." If he knows the phrase "home run," he wouldn't have called it a quadruple.

Do you mean "caterpillar?"
Baby butterflies? Sorry.  Baby butterflies can't fly.

A bit dated.
So this one's about seventy years too late.

Daddy?  I don't get it.
And this one's only forty years too late.

And the winner is...
That looks like about a 30' long telescope. That's a 10,000 millimeter refracting telescope. I can zoom 100x on my camera! He'd probably get 1000-4000 magnification on there. And although I guess the giant mechanism off to the left is supposed to keep the 'scope following a celestial object, it ain't following a seagull. Oh... and there's no such thing as a seagull.


  1. I know what you mean, but come it's just a joke!

  2. I think someone has got a lot of free time
    lol Which is one of those words that's spelled the same way forward or backwards


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