Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Darlings of CIDU

Back in the last millennium, I used to be a daily reader of a website called Comics I Don't Understand.  Bill Bickel is still producing the site, although now it's a blog.

He posts comics he, um, doesn't understand.  Sometimes, other people alert him to inscrutable comics; in the past, sometimes that other people was me.  Sometimes, I would explain (or try to explain) comics posted on the site.

He had a page called the "Arlo and Janis page."  He'd put comics there that he didn't understand but the explanation might not be family suitable.  A&J showed up there the most; hence the name of the page.

If this sounds familiar, I mentioned this about eight months ago, when I featured some Arlo and Janis cartoons.

For old times sake, I explained yesterday's A&J, which Bill had posted on the blog.

Here are a few cd-ish A&J cartoons.

How does he know?  Follow up, Janis!

It goes with the skirt

We can, but it's hard work

You just don't understand, Arlo.
You really don't understand!

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