Monday, August 11, 2014

Minority Call Out!

On Friday, I wrote about how the fact that someone is trans and did something nasty is showing up less in headlines.  I also noted that other groups that were fingered in headlines or article leads lost that distinction as time went on and people complained.

In Saturday's Washington Post, there was a letter from someone complaining that the Virginia first lady, on trial right now, was described in the paper as someone “who still wears her bangs feathered and her hair below her shoulders.”  The writer went on, "Is there an age limit for women on hair length? Apparently, male politicians get a free pass on their fake tans and dyed hair."

Some groups still lack invisibility.  Their status is put up front-and-center, with the idea, I suppose, that pointing it out will show it's rarity, but the lesson the great unwashed might get is "what's wrong with those people?"  A recent headline showed one such group.  The headline:

PhD and his wide convicted of first-degree murder

In other news, Mandy came to town for a visit this past weekend. Her main goal was to get an Elizabeth Taylor makeover, but she made some time to meet up.  We had dinner and saw a local concert on Friday, and met again Sunday morning for breakfast. Details to follow.

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