Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Name Game

I generally sign e-mails.  I know not everyone does ~ there is a return address, after all.

I probably send an equal number of e-mails from my male account as from a Meg account.

I noticed recently I stop Every Time and think about how I'm supposed to sign.  Most people I write to as Meg know I'm trans and would understand "oops.  That's my male name" as a response to the obvious question.  The other way... it would take more than an "oops.  That's my girl name."

By the way, I'm heading back to VA this afternoon.  It's been a no girl stuff, except for passable stuff and even that is scarce.  White cotton panties, plain girl socks, unexceptional girl pjs.  I'm wearing boy jeans because I have more pocket space, in lieu of carrying my small bag.


  1. This name thing is an issue for me, too.

    I stop after every email, to think "who" is doing the writing and whose email account it is. Can't be too careful in that would be a very easy mistake to that I definitely want to avoid!



    PS Hope you had a great time out west!

  2. I am now using the same e-mail account for both and have to try to remember who I am when I sign, but in my case an extra a can always be passed off as a typo

  3. I have caught myself signing off in my male name when responding as 'Pat'. If I am responding as my male self it is not a major problem since my initials are P.A.T.
    There have been occasions when I have been out and had to introduce myself where I have slipped and used my male name. Semper vigilante.


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