Thursday, August 7, 2014

I Like This Trend

A few years ago, this story wouldn't have appeared because most people wouldn't hire a transgendered person.  And if an employer did, he'd side with the customer.

This article highlights someone who did the right thing from start to finish.  There was a little dip in the middle that's questionable but I think most employers would have done the same.

This is the endgame, I think: to be treated the same as everyone else.


Transgender Pagliacci Employee Fired, Then Offered Job Back, After Complaining About Customer Harassment

Local pizza chain Pagliacci has apologized for firing an employee at its Broadway restaurant on Capitol Hill last week after she complained about a customer who she says deliberately misgendered and harassed her.

For the record, I think she (the employee) is wrong.  She's looking to "make a statement" when she should be an example to other employers and transgendered employees.  The store tried to make things as right as they could yet she's considering a formal complaint.

I think that shows employers that they have to walk on eggshells around trans employees ~ the exact opposite of what would help us the most.

Follow the headline link to read the whole article.  I'm really not familiar with the website theStranger nor this particular blog, but it seems edgy, a bit political, probably left-leaning.  My initial take on the site is it's a Seattle Washington lifestyle website.

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