Friday, August 22, 2014

Cami Fail

The day before the Tom Paxton show, I tried on a top and skirt I wanted to wear.  The top was a purple textured tank.  It's fitted (with a side zipper), has wide straps to cover bra straps and is very pretty.  It looked fine.

The day of the show, I put it on with my preferred bra and pads and... nope.  Definitely not.  Nope.  Not gonna work.

Fortunately I had other options and since I had shaved pretty thoroughly the previous day I had a LOT of other options.

The cami fail is below.

But... I LOVE this camisole top!


  1. Bummer! I hate it when that happens. Obviously, you've got to find a way to make that tank work for you -- especially if it's fitted. The color and style are gorgeous.

  2. Nice job with the lip stick Meg :)

  3. That is a pretty top and it looks good on you. While younger women seem at ease and comfortable with their bra straps or the edges of their bras showing us more mature ladies come from an era when woman's unmentionables also needed to be unseeable.
    I went out last night and was somewhat rushed in doing my dressing and makeup. Ihad planned to wear a blue denim skirt with a royal blue tank top. I put on my white bra with forms and a white cami/slip but when I put the tank top on it barely controlled my bra and cami straps and parts of my bra and slip could be seen like you show in your photo. Rather than change my undergarments I went with a purple tank that had a higher bodice line and thicker straps to cover my bra and I went with a black print skirt. I was still a little conscious that my straps would show so I wore a light cotton jacket that stayed on all night.
    I am sure that you have some other bras in your drawer that would work with that top.

    1. Pat, if you look closely at the left breast you can see the pad showing! I'm thinking a mastectomy bra would work. They are pricey though.

  4. There is a double-stick tape you can get called "Swim Companion" - I found it on Amazon. A model told me about it once, and I've found it indispensable for just this problem. You put a piece of it on the back side of the top where you want the bra to fall inside the top, and stick it together. Problem solved. It's great for wrap dresses that end up revealing too much at the neckline/decolletage, tops with keyhole seams that you don't want to keyhole, and for securing forms inside swimsuits. It's not quite strong enough to hold forms to skin, however, but it will keep forms from moving around, if that is ever a problem.


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