Monday, August 4, 2014

Free Stuff

Freecycle has had a rash of women's shoes lately. 

Most recently:

2 pairs of woman's high heels. New.
Ann Taylor sandals, high heels, brown leather.
Charlotte Russe black , open toe, high heels, man made materials.

Size 9.  I'd never cram my size 11s into those!


2 pair pumps (Sofft), about 2" heels
1 pair black boots, mid-calf, about 2" heels

Size 10.  They're getting closer.

Then a couple of days ago: 

Women’s sandals, size 11, Predictions brand with black soles and 2 white straps.  Never worn

Yay!  I wondered what height heels for starters but when no-one said they wanted them I chimed in.

Heels are an inch.  They're OK but not beautiful.  But I can use some casual flats so I'm glad I got them.

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