Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Free Stuff

I think I've mentioned freecycle before.  You can find someone else's castoffs and you can get what you no longer want back into circulation.  They're always very local so you're sharing with your neighborhood.

Recent finds in my area include
Subject in bold.  Detail in normal type.  My two cents in italics.
  • Size 12 Pants Suit Evan Picone Jacket and pants, 55% Linen 45% Rayon: Dry Clean (was cleaned recently).  Jacket color is Aqua with white trim, pants are white with zip fly non-elastic waist.  The donor included pictures.
  • Nursing bra and two tanks  Size large.  Now that's cool.  You get the bra AND tanks to store the milk. :)
  • Bag with size xl womans clothes and size 7 high heels. That's all they wrote.  Sometimes, you run on faith.
  • 5 pairs of earrings  Most of them silver.
  • Bra, Size 36D Le Mystere Sophia Bra Beige, lacy, not new but nice condition.  And sometimes you just want to meet the owner. :)
  • merona sz 10 mid rise 3/4 leans Bird/dog friendly home I'm guessing they were jeans
  • Women's white sunglasses
  • 38/40 C nursing bras + nursing pjamas sz M2 underwire bras, smoke free bird and dog friendly.  An epidemic of nursing babies!
  • Knee-high black boots and black pumps Size 6 and 6 1/2Faux patent leather boots- very high heel. Size 6 1/2.  Leather, very good quality black pumps size 6- too small for me, quite narrow.Five sizes too small!  Grrrrr.  I guess close would be worse.
  • 2 fabric purses Shoulder bags with two straps, one is red/Nine West (material similar to microfiber) other is pink with black straps/Reaction (more like a stiff cotton).  Both need some spot cleaning but there are no major stains.Sometimes the gems are just diamonds in the rough.
  • Ecco brown pumps, size 40 Ecco maryjane brown pumps, size 40. In good shape. See Photos for pic.40 is women's 9.  Closer!

For the record, I did not request any of these things.  I also always pass by women's suits.  I figure there are women who are struggling to build a work wardrobe and can use the suits more than me.
But it's always fun to see what's being offered, girlwise.

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