Thursday, August 21, 2014

We'll See How This Turns Out

Before the show, Video

I just liked the way that sounds.

Before the show, a woman associated with Tom Paxton was wandering through the audience with a video camera.  She was soliciting people who wanted to share their memories of Paxton ~ first show, best show, memorable incident, etc.

I thought about it.  They're mostly shallow but I had several meetings with and memories of Tom. 

Mandy, after her Beth Taylor makeover
But she's going to put this on Kickstarter.  Tom's new album is being funded there; you can go to Kickstarter and see some videos and information about the new project (and join if you're a fan).

I thought it was a bad idea, but I wasn't sure why.  So I raised my hand each time she seemed to be looking for another victim subject.  I figured, if she didn't choose me, then it would have been a bad idea.  if she did, it probably would be OK.

She never looked in my direction.  Until almost showtime, when she did.

She came over and I told her a number of stories, video camera staring at me the whole time.  I told of fixing his computer, him asking me if I was a lawyer at Newport (his song "One Million Lawyers" was just released), bringing vinyl for an autograph, how I could never sing Jimmy Newman because my voice would break and I'd tear up....  I meant to mention a couple of more obscure songs when she asked for favourites and my mind went blank so I mentioned a couple of more popular songs.  I forget to tell her that I used to sing "Annie's Gonna Sing Her Song" to my oldest when he was a baby and he'd sing back the second line of the chorus when I'd sing the first.

But I talked too long and when I let her go I said "and now I'm sure you can cut that down to two words" and she laughed and said "we'll edit it."

It hasn't shown up on the site yet.  We'll see if I get my fifteen minutes, per Andy Warhol.  I'll keep you posted (unless you all donate and get updates direct from Tom).

By the way, I "stole" Mandy's picture from her website.  If you want to see the magic Elizabeth Taylor did you can go to Mandy's blog and then on to Beth's website.

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