Saturday, June 7, 2014


If you noticed the countdown....

On 7 June 2010, four years ago today, I wrote A bit of an introduction....

I had spent some time thinking about what new experiences I could have as Meg and one of them was to take an airplane trip as Meg.  But I like to prepare, so I put that idea somewhere in the canyons of my mind.

Then my company decided I was the person to configure our products for the Topeka state government.  Preliminary discussions concluded that the best way to proceed would be for me to go there for a week, gather detailed requirements, go back to Virginia for two weeks to implement what was agreed (using a remote connection so I could access their data), and then return to Topeka.

This was the Perfect Storm.

I like to (over)plan things.  And I could plan my visit ~ see what's where in the airport and the trip to the hotel and such.  Of course, things always change, but I could get the basics and feel more comfortable.  And feeling comfortable is an important part of passing.

My family would be away the day I would leave so I could pack and go without running into children.

A lot could go wrong.  If you look at the last four years you'll see many posts talking about plans going awry.  The vacation could be moved.  The implementation could take longer or shorter than planned.  The client could reschedule.  The airport or something along the route could spook me.

I flew to Kansas, and I was planning on stopping the blog there.  I didn't.  I started it to share my flying experience but I realised I have come quite a way in my feminine journey and I would have liked to know things I knew now, when I was young.  So I kept going.

And I'm still going.  I'm having fun, although I'm not sure I still have more to share.  So I need to push envelopes, step outside comfort zones, and find some new experiences to share with y'all.

I also hope to meet more of you.  And I hope my fingers don't give out. :)




  1. Happy Anniversary! Keep on blogging.

  2. Thank you for your blogging. It has been educational, entertaining, and dare I say, inspirational.
    Please continue.

  3. Meg -

    Happy Anniversary!

    Trust me - your continued experiences will be interesting, especially for those who have not had the chance to experience similar things themselves. Each time a person like you or myself goes out en-femme, we expand our boundaries a little, wearing down both internal and external resistance to us expressing who we are en-femme.

    So, even if it is a trip to see a play, a dinner with friends, or just going out and about en-femme, it is important that these experiences are documented. Others beginning the path we are on will be inspired, and for us, we get a sense of how far we've come.

    My blog has become a little bit of a diary as of late. But it notes my interactions with people, what happens when I out myself to people, and that I am just a "regular person" behind the mascara and makeup, with all the same troubles that are faced by my readers....


  4. WOW! I'm amazed that it is four years already. The adventure certainly continues, and how you have progressed over that time, quite a few of those bullet points would be different now.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Meg! I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Congratulations on your 4th year as a blogger. I wish you many more. I believe I have read all of your posts and feel as if I do know you to some degree and I hope that at some point we will meet in person.
    I for one have enjoyed your writings and have learned from your experiences.

  7. Congratulations Meg, and please, please, please continue the good work. I find your blog both entertaining and inspirational. You have inspired and encouraged me to be the woman I am today. Oh, yes, and you have certainly made me laugh, when I need to.


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