Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Virus Detected!

It's amazing how little tiny microscopic things can screw up something so much larger.

I decided to get my summer cold out of the way early, but I neglected to have some posts running ahead before I went ahead with that plan.

So today what I have is basically This space unintentionally left blank.

I'll move my penultimate Endpoints post to Wednesday, my final Endpoints post will be on Thursday, and this will have to be my "simple pleasure" for the week.

Believe me, it was no pleasure.

After I finish this little sequence, I'll be able to move on to a fun (but too loud) night at a local piano bar.  Here I am, pre-outing.

alas, a little blurry :(


  1. Very cute...love the dress AND shoes!

  2. How cute! The dress, sandals and mainly your shining smile. Hugs.


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