Thursday, June 12, 2014

Haters: Bad News and Good News

(aside: Thank you, Donna!)

I've been looking for the T-hater sites.  I found a few, but not many.  They have subjects like "how I stopped crossdressing and so can you" or "you must stop crossdressing, because I don't like it" or from women who have a visceral dislike of crossdressers (I think that's because it bothers them that amateurs look better than they do).

And from news reports, I know, yes, there will be another Transgender Day of Remembrance.  I saw the first article on a t-girl getting assaulted about two days after the last one.

But there is good news.

I first looked for the hater sites about a year ago.  Most of the sites I saw then are gone!  One of the "I stopped and so can you" ended with "Um, I started again."

And it was harder to find others.  I don't know if this means the haters are going away, or just getting bored with having tiny audiences (or tiny somethings), or what.  I'm not sure I care, as long as they GO.

The other good news: the "crossdressing tips" or "crossdressing advice" or hormone sites or trans support sites always WAY outnumbered the idiots' sites.  And we're easy to find, when someone needs support or information.  Of course, being the internet, much of the information is wrong, but quality often improves with quantity.

And more good news: more and more transpeople are coming out and showing up EVERYWHERE.  Last week, one was on the cover of Time (which I could not get a copy of ~ more good news: people wanted to read about transpeople), on tv shows, in beauty pageants, and much more.  During Pride Week, a group in CA renamed itself to TLGB.  That's AWESOME.

I think we're going to face prejudice and hate; anyone who's perceived as different faces the same.  Other groups have been fighting for their rights much longer than we have, and still are oppressed in many ways.  We still need ENDA.

But things are looking up, and faster than I ever expected.  We're not at the "future's so bright, I gotta wear shades" level yet, but I see an exponential improvement.

Maybe I'm not ecstatic, but I'm certainly satisfied.

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  1. Hearts and minds change one at a time. People will learn what they want to learn rather than what others may want to impose on them.
    The more people get out and about the more they will realize that we are all different and that just being different is not a reason for hatred. There are still lots of things that I do not fully understand but I have no issue with letting people have their own thoughts and ideas even if they make no sense to me.
    Good post Meg.


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