Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Simple Pleasure: New Life for an Old Wig

A couple of things first.... 

For those of you who gave up before the end of yesterday's Very Long Post, the punchline is, I had a makeover with Elizabeth Taylor which I'll be writing about for the next few days.  You can scroll down to 3 Jun for a preview of my makeover.

Also, an anonymous commenter started reading yesterday's post and dropped what she was doing to tell me about...  Makeovers With Elizabeth Taylor. :)

I have a number of wigs.  Most sit in plastic bags (as opposed to on my head), for a variety of reasons.  The key reason is, I can't style them to do what I want.

I have four wigs that are in bags labelled "1 of 4," "2 of 4" and so on.  Well, I did.  1 and 2 are sitting on wig heads now.  I brought "4 of 4" and "1 of 4" to Beth's.  I was hoping she could find one to help me look like "7 of 9."  I aim high, right?

Beth also has a large number of wigs.  The picture to the right is a quick snap of some of her

Some of Beth's wigs and size 11 and 12 shoes ~ and Meg in the mirror.
Anyway, I've had this wig ("4 of 4") for a while.  I like it but it doesn't behave well, and I know NOTHING about hair styling.  Beth's instructions for my visit included:

Bring a couple of outfits including accessories, wigs, shoes that you'd like to be photographed in.

So I brought my "normal" wig (1 of 4) and the blonde one (4 of 4) I wore in the pictures.  I figured if the blonde looked awful I had a fallback that I was familiar with.

Beth, as I said, had LOTS of wigs and I tried on a few of them ~ I liked one of them, but I thought the one I brought was a better choice for me.  But it still lacked something.

Beth supplied the missing something.  Playing with the wig with hair spray, fingers, and a comb she made the front look nice, added a bit of body, and more.  I should shake out the wig and do before and after pictures.  If I have a few minutes over the next few days I will.

So I don't have another wig I can easily add to my arsenal, but I know it can be MADE to get into the rotation.  And that's great!


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  1. One of the advantages of getting out, has me looking and finding good local vendors. Resently, I found a Hairdresser who does wigs. I had her style all 4 of mine. Using care I've been able to save the style (I've got a few styro heads to store them) and continue to use 2 at lot. It's amazing what a different wig can do to change your look. I like one certain wig, and the hairdresser colored my hair to match. So if my real hair peaks out it's not a problem.


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