Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Elizabeth Taylor Experience

I wanted my visit to Beth to go as smoothly as possible, so I did as much prep as possible.

I did a close shave right before going; I forgot my toner and moisturiser but it turns out that didn't matter much because the product Beth used had a moisturiser in it.

I dressed as much as possible; more than usual for going out in drab.

Beth's necklace
I put on black hose, my bra with forms, and a shaping camisole.  I wore my "girl" rings and a cute, shiny bracelet.  I put on jeans and a denim shirt and a light jacket, to kind of hide "my" breasts, although it was way too warm for either denim or a jacket.  I put on a pair of low-heel Mary Janes, instead of my usual sneakers because I knew I'd have to carry them back and they're much lighter and flexible than the sneakers.

I pulled out an overnight bag and filled it with four dresses (Beth said "bring a couple"), two wigs, a bag with some earrings and necklaces in it, and two pairs of shoes: the black pumps I usually wear and a pair of blue patterned platform pumps, which are more for short-term than going out.

I wore my glasses, instead of putting in my contacts.

I do not know Beth very well.  She showed up at some of the local events a few months ago and has been a fixture, but she's very quiet and keeps to herself.

Too short?  I was just showing off. :)
OK.  That last line was just to make the readers who know Beth say "this must be a different Elizabeth Taylor."

Beth is very outgoing and will talk to anyone about anything.  She's kind of the anti-me, and that type of personality can make me nervous.

One-on-one was much better, at least from my point of view.  She worked hard to make me comfortable, asked what I wanted to do, what look I wanted, and so on.

We talked like old (girl)friends the whole time and I learned a lot about Beth.  I won't say what ~ you can make an appointment for a makeover and some girl talk and find out for yourself!

First, she tried a few wigs on me; I'm sure I could have tried on more until I found one I really loved but I wanted to use my time efficiently and playing with hair didn't seem to be the best way to spend time.  Plus, I was really hoping she could make my wig useable (and, as I said, she did).

Next, she did an amazing job on my makeup.  I think she used all Mary Kay products, some

click to enlarge.
"regular," some "Bare Essentuals" powder types.  She used eye shadow as eye liner, she did some contouring which I think gave me a more pleasing look than normal (note: comments on my normal look will be ignored).
I didn't check the time, but she was fast and thorough and there was a minimal amount of "let me get a q-tip to clean up an oopsie."

She stopped a few times so I could (put on my glasses and) see how I looked.  I had no complaints.  Quite the opposite ~ I was in awe.

After makeup and dress, she pulled out a couple of pairs of shoes for me to try.  She has MANY pairs of 11s and 12s, all pretty and hot shoes, as you can see if you zoom in on yesterday's picture.  There was one pair I really wanted to wear but they were a 12 and my feet swam in them.

Enough for today.  Remember to check out Beth's website, especially the lovely (?) lady on 3 June.


Happy Birthday to... me! 

I never thought I'd live to be a hundred
I never thought I'd get to the things
That all those other sons do, and they do.
I never thought I'd ever have my freedom
An age ago my maker was refusing me
The pleasure of the view



  1. Love your new hair style. LOVE IT. - Julie

  2. Happy birthday sweet heart! hugs!

  3. Well wow, I mean WOW! You must have been very peased, and rather sad to have to clean up at the end of the day.

  4. Happy Birthday. I really like the look that you got from Beth. I should have gone for a makeover for my birthday. I will keep that in mind for next year

  5. Meg: I love your new look. Everything about it. You go girl. Steffi

  6. You look great, Meg. I love your look.


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