Monday, June 23, 2014

Endpoint: Gender Reassignment Surgery

As I said at the start of this sequence, I don't believe there is a path from crossdressing to gender reassignment.  I do believe there are adults who decide that surgery is what they need; I also believe that that discovery is rooted more in self-awareness or from outgrowing denial than it is from "I like dressing.  I'd love going further."

As I also said, this is not my path.  I can't think of any one thing that is preventing me from undertaking GRS ~ expense, pain, job, family and friends for instance ~ except I'm good the way I am.

But...  if they passed a law tomorrow that said "one gender only.  You get to pick, and everything has to align," I'd go with female because I don't want to give up Meg, but I'd be willing to give up my male side.

I wonder if that puts me in a tiny minority ~ being OK with either how I was born or what I can become.



  1. Sounds like a topic for a poll.

    You are not alone.

  2. Meg -

    Yes, being good the way we are is a good thing. Yet, I disagree with you slightly, as I do believe there is a path from cross dressing to transition. But the path is one that the TG realizes that she is free to see herself as a woman, and than, and only then, wants to see her body fit her idea of it in her mind. In short, the repressed TG becomes free to acknowledge who she is by taking her first step....

    And like you - if I had to choose one and only one gender, I'd choose to be female.


  3. wow... I love my time dressing as Stephanie. I have a few friends who are on "the path" and been on hormones for sometime.... I'm not sure about taking hormones....
    Do you take hormones?

  4. Like you I have no desire to change things surgically but if forced to chose I am not sure if I would not keep the parts I have. I have grown used to being who I am for all these decades. On the other hand you would be well within the scope of reason to figure that you have been living the male side for 5-6 decades and having been there done that it may be time for a chnage.


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