Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Saving Nails

Last month, I wrote about my frustration with splitting my thumbnail while trying to hold the lobster claw clasp open when putting on a necklace or bracelet.  Marian suggested an easy solution: there are magnetic clasps.  You add this to the stock clasp.  It has a claw on one end and a hoop on the other.  Simply attach the clasp claw to the hoop on the item and the clasp hoop to the claw on the item and after that, you only need to open and close a magnet.

Of course, if you have several bracelets/necklaces you like to wear, you really need one per and that can run into money ~ money that can be better spent on jewelry.

It turns out there's an easy solution for my favourite necklace.  It's 24" and I wear it most days when in drab.

At 24" there's no need to open it at all.  It just slips over my head.  I was opening and closing it daily for no good reason.


  1. Where are these clasps available? The local "Claire's" or high--end jewelry stores? I have one necklace that might be able to use it...

  2. You can go to any hobby store (hobby lobby, micheals,etc) and buy the individual parts to make these yourself and save a lot of $ to buy more jewelry.
    I ve made several myself in silver and gold, along many
    Earrings that are unique to my outfit. They are easy and
    Fun to make. Good luck!

  3. These magnetic devices not only make for easy on off they also help extend the lenght of the bracelet or necklace. The typical 7+/- inch bracelet is just too tight for me so adding an inch is a boon. Same with a standard length 18" necklace. I wear a 17 1/2 shirt collar so an 18" is more than a bit snug. Even if I get it on it does not lay correctly. An extender is almost always needed if I wanted to wear an ankle bracelet.
    The negative of the magnet is that it is not all that secure and an inadvertant jostle could knock it off.
    On some neckalces I have used a rubberized hair band to extend an 18" necklace. The extension is hidden by my wig.


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