Friday, December 13, 2013

Fuzzy Thinking

First, an alert:

Friday the thirteenth falls on a Friday this month!  Those are the worst kind!

Second, a note to darling415 who asked where she can get Swarovski clip star earrings like I picked up at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.  Alas, Swarovski no longer sells them and I couldn't find any other source for them.  I'm not surprised; they were in the clearance section.

I have not been sleeping well lately.

A few nights ago, as I was just fading back to sleep, around 3am, I heard a serious bell nearby.  This is one of those old-fashioned bell sounds where the little hammer beats against a half-circle at a high rate of speed.

Once I figured out it was a fire alarm, I actually spent a few seconds wondering if I should get dressed or go out in my nightie, just pulling a jacket over it.

I woke enough to decide the smart (and fast) thing to do was to shed my nightclothes and pull on pants, shirt, sneakers, jacket, and umbrella, and head for the stairs.  The umbrella was because I had glanced out the window and noticed the ground was wet.

follow up:
The fire was small and five floors below me. The rain had stopped.  The weather was surprisingly warm for a DC-area November night.  And the firemen waved us back in only 45 minutes later.  That was it for my night's sleep though.


  1. Wow, being suddenly woken by a fire alarm! Nothing like that has happened to me in my apartment, fortunately! I'm not sure I want to live in an apartment any longer.

  2. Glad there was no issue, other than lost sleep. That can eventually be "made up."

    This can also happen at hotels...even when there is no fire. One night last fall, I woke up cold at 3AM and turned on the heat in my room. Heat hadn't been used since the spring, and that "burning smell" was strong...strong enough to reach the smoke detector which was placed right over it. (Duh.)

    The "smoke" almost immediately set off the smoke detector, which had other undesirable affects...up to and including a sleepy, cranky wife and unhappy neighbors. I shut off the heat and called the desk so the fire alarm wasn't turned in. And we went back to sleep - sort of, cold but none the worse for wear.

    The next morning, they were handing out room discounts like candy... Yep, we got ours...and I hope they fixed the problem.


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