Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Countdown ~ FIVE

If you're not a comics fan, come back on the 26th.

I'm going to start my countdown with three "close but not quite" cartoons.  Only the first is clearly holiday related, but it's... a bit off.  The captions explains why.  Click to enlarge.

What gives me the right to declare myself comics critic?  Remember:  Those who can do.  Those who can't teach.  Those who can't teach, teach gym.

Clearly, they should have found 10,000 defective (eg) Blitzen toys.
Rudolph was "the most famous reindeer of all"
so it doesn't make sense ~ Grimmy just said he was recalled.

Close, and funny, but the affirmation should be
"I will run out of paper" or "I want to run out of paper."

Pastis is usually better than this.  He should have found a way to
make that "knockers."  The last panel is a bit of a save though.


  1. I love Pearls before Swine/ Stephan Pastis. He can only be outdone by The Far Side / Gary Larson and Calvin and Hobbes / Bill Watterson. - Julie

  2. Julie ~ I hope you saw PBS last week when Pastis was showing Calvin and Hobbes all grown up.

  3. Nope, Unfortunately I missed it. Working too darn much this Season. I would have loved to see it. Always wonder why he stopped doing his Strip. - Julie


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