Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Funnies ~ Presenting The Middletons

It's December!  Get out your Advent calendars!  (I may be Jewish but I'm not ignorant.)

I have never featured The Middletons here.  I had one strip a few months ago, but I have a few stored away, ready to share.

The Middletons comprises a married couple, their son, his very mean and tough mother, and a very mean and tough bulldog.  If there was a fight between the latter two, I'd bet on the mom.  She reminds me of Dennis Day's mother on the old Jack Benny show.  Typical exchange:
Dennis: I'm looking for a gift for my mother.  What size is that? [remember, this is radio]
Clerk: That's a thirty-eight.
Dennis: That's too small.  How about that?
Clerk: That's a forty-five.
Dennis: Perfect!  Can you put some bullets in it and wrap it up?

I put a note on the final cartoon "why I don't wear ties."  I had a one-panel hanging in my office for many years of a guy who's straining to get his necktie out of one of those old tape drives like you seen in 60's and 70's movies when they want you to know the big props are a computer.  And when people would request that I wear a tie, I'd point at the cartoon.

Without further blather, here are Morris and Midge Middleton

LOVE this one!

This one too.

his grimy neighbor

Wilson's the son.

Why I Don't Do Neckties

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