Thursday, December 5, 2013

20 Nov 13 ~ At the Church

We entered the church and I saw JoAnn, who I knew and actually recognised.  She was sitting front

Unassuming church in the background
and center; I wanted to be closer to the back so we went to the right and found two seats.  Charity saw a couple of people she knew.  I said "I don't know anybody."  I was referring to my face recognition issue, but at that the woman in front of us turned around, introduced herself, and said "now you do."  We had a nice chat and then I left them to talk while I went to say hi to JoAnn.
I had noticed JoAnn was talking to a couple of women right behind her so after we spoke a bit I asked softly "do I know the women behind you?"  She said yes, and that I had met them at her house.  So I said hi (they remembered me) and went back to my seat as the service started.

There was a woman sitting to my left wearing a white dress.  I didn't get a chance to talk to her, but if I did, I would have mentioned that she looked just like a woman (gg) I used to work with.  I wish I had.  I know I'd consider that a high point of my day to be told I looked just like a woman someone knew.

Brief explanation: even though I have trouble with faces (or maybe it's a consequence) I often point out someone who looks like someone else, and I often get a "you're right.  I hadn't noticed" reply.  It's an odd talent, and it would be more useful if I had a larger pool of Faces I Know to relate to.

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  1. Meg -

    I hope you recognize my face the next time I'm in DC. :-)

    Being serious, I find it good that you're getting out to a variety of places as Meg. Even with your inability to recognize faces, you are gradually making friends and establishing your Meg persona as an individual in society. The more time you spend as Meg, the more people will accept Meg, as you'll be wearing away the non-feminine parts of Meg, leaving the woman that people enjoy interacting with.... (Or, that's how it seems to be going for me.)

    Do you have long time friends who know you as Meg and as your male persona? If so, do they note a difference in your personalities as Meg and your male persona? Is Meg the more nurturing one? Just curious....



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