Friday, December 6, 2013

20 Nov 2013 ~ The Service

The service was nice.  The minister spoke this year; in the past, women who were close to home on the issue of trans-violence spoke.  She added details to most of the people pictured in the bulletin.

They recited a few lines from Benedictus, a marvellous song by The Strawbs.

There was a table with a candle for each victim of fatal violence.  They had different members of the congregation recite each victim's name and snuff out the candles.  Then each candle was re-lit.

There was a snack after the service.  We didn't stay.  I did stop for a minute to speak to the minister, who remembered me from previous years.

I can't understand how someone can harm or kill someone else simply because they're living their lives.

I've tried.

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  1. Maybe finding some common frame of reference with those who mindlessly hate is the hardest part.
    A fit thing to ponder as we mourn the loss of Madiba.


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